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About Us

Government of Nepal has announced “One Province One Big Industrial Estate” in its plan to develop all the provinces with equal priority. Damak Clean Industrial Park is established with the objective to contribute to the industrial development of the Province No. 1 that will subsequently contribute to the overall industrial development of Nepal. To transform the government plan into reality along with accomplishing our objective, our company has planned to develop and operate Industrial Park in Damak-Jhapa.

Industrial Parks are fundamentally different from traditional free trade zones. Instead of export drivers and investment magnets, they are designed as liberalization platform for diversified economic growth.Industrial Park accommodate all types of activities, including tourism, retail sales, permit people to reside on site, and provide a much broader set of incentives and benefits.

Damak Clean Industrial Park is not only about invested money and new jobs –it is also about improving the competitiveness of the country’s entire economy, transferring technologies and know-how, as well as developing cooperation in regions covered by the area.

Our Vision

To pioneer the establishment of the first Industrial Park in the nation that will contribute towards a favorable Balance of Trade by prioritizing industries that will aid in the substitution of imported goods and increase the export of the nation.

Our Mission

Damak Clean Industrial Park is determined to be the symbol in the region by creating opportunities for mutual benefits, providing possibilities for development, and being a role model for private industrial parks that will provide stimulus to the economy for rapid growth.

Main Objectives of our Industrial Park

The main objective or our industrial park is to create delineated industrial zones with world class infrastructure, internationally competitive production environment and fast track clearance system for attracting private investments, especially Foreign Direct Investment for setting up export oriented unites.

The specific objectives of our Industrial Park are to:

  1. Attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  2. Earn foreign exchange and contribute to exchange rate stability
  3. Boost the export sector, particularly non-traditional exports
  4. Aid in substitution of imported goods
  5. Create jobs and raise standard of living
  6. Transfer new skills and expertise to local human resources
  7. Create backward and forward linkages to increase the output and raise the standard of local enterprise that supply goods and services to the zone
  8. Introducing new technology
  9. Develop backward regions by locating such zones in these areas and attracting industries
  10. Provide stimulus to the economy and
  11. Test key policy reforms in Industrial Park as pilot case for wider application in the economy

Impact On Local Economy

  •  Attracts Foreign Direct Investments that will start the process of industrialization in the country
  •  Increase in Capital Investment in the country
  •  Creates positive impacts on the political and social sectors for nationwide reforms
  •  The main effect is that it generates employment -both skilled and un-skilled
  •  The local people can learn much more from the industrial establishment and market economy
  •  The Industrial Park will transfer technology to the local areas and local people
  •  The industrial units established in the Industrial Park will have backward linkages through raw materials. Many Industrial units can use agricultural products produced by a large number of the farmers in the area as the raw materials
  •  The development of Industrial Park will develop infrastructure in the Park and its adjoining areas
  •  The Industrial Park will be helpful to earn foreign currency

Executive Committee:

The committee is composed of five members and is headed by President.
President: Mr. Govinda Thapa
Member: Mr. Ambika Khanal
Member: Mr. Bodhraj Neupane
Member: Mr. Dilli Neupane
Member (General Manager): Mr. Yogendra Niroula

Advisory Committee:

The committee is composed of three members and is headed by Chairman.
Chairman: Mr. Suraj Vaidya
Member: Mr. Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar
Member: Mr. Yubraj Dahal